Daniel Ciment

I’m Daniel Ciment, Outside Counsel for Texit Credit.

At Texit Credit we’re pleased to offer our best-in-industry Credit Repair services. But sometimes you need more than credit repair. If you’re being sued or harassed by a creditor or debt collector, then you need the assistance of an experienced Debt Litigator, Consumer Defense Attorney.

With over 15 years of experience in bankruptcy, debt collection defense, and consumer protection, I am a recognized Consumer Defense Attorney and Debt Litigator throughout Texas. Following my graduation from South Texas College of Law in 2003, I opened a high-volume debt collection law firm where I filed thousands of debt-collection lawsuits. From there, I became a partner at a Chicago consumer bankruptcy firm. Both my passion for protecting consumers’ rights and years of experience on both sides of the fight put me in a great position to guide clients through a wide range of challenging and time-sensitive legal issues. Now settled in Katy, Texas, I strive to help each and every client take control of their financial lives and resolve the debt issues that are holding them back.

Check out my question-and-answer videos below for answers to common credit, debt, and collection questions. Still need more help? Send me a message using the contact form below.

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